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It’s relatively easy to protect an individual laptop or home computer from viruses and malware, but businesses have more complex network environments — as well as a higher level of risk. Viruses and malware can have a crippling effect on your system, and a ransomware attack can make your critical data inaccessible. Ethixa Solutions offers many computer security services to keep your systems and data safer.

We provide complete networking solutions, making sure your systems are built for success and security right from the get-go. Ethixa supplies all the networking equipment and network firewalls you need, and we’ll configure them to provide the appropriate levels of security and protection for your business.

Viruses are as much of a problem as ever, so Ethixa provides, installs, and manages antivirus solutions. We stay abreast of developments in our industry so we can offer the maximum level of antivirus protection your business needs.

And when the damage has already been done, Ethixa offers computer virus repair to help you get back to normal. We’ll clean the infected computers and repair your systems following malware, ransomware, and virus attacks.

No one wants to think about the massive damage that a virus, ransomware or malware attack can cause. But in today’s business environment, computer security is a necessity for companies and organizations in just about any industry. Let Ethixa assess your security needs and provide the firewalls, antivirus protection and other computer security measures your business needs to stay safe and profitable.

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