What Makes Ethixa Different?

Ethixa is a different kind of IT company and we have a few things that set us apart from the competition.

  1. No long term service contracts – Ethixa believes that we should earn your business every month. Our service agreements are month-to-month and reflect that philosophy.
  2. Technology independence – If the only tool in your toolbox is hammer, everything looks like a nail. We are skilled with a wide variety of technologies and continuously evaluating new ones in order to be able to recommend the best solution for each specific need.
  3. Cooperation – Our staff can do more than manage your infrastructure. We are proficient in working with existing IT staff, as well as able to provide consulting and guidance or even training. Enhance your capabilities by partnering with Ethixa.
  4. Ethics – It’s in our name for a reason and describes how we do business. We are committed to selling and delivering what our clients really need, not just what they are willing to pay for. With Ethixa, you can trust that we are delivering the best solution, not the one that makes us the most profit.

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