Our Ethics

Ethixa was founded on core principles that require us to treat clients (and each other) ethically and with a personal concern that goes beyond the bottom line. We demonstrate these principles in the following ways:

  1. Sell and deliver what the client really needs – not just what they are willing to pay for.
  2. Treat our clients like they are family.
  3. Respect and protect our client’s data and confidentiality.
  4. Be transparent to our client. Let our clients see right through us.
  5. Treat people with respect and dignity.

Our Vision

Our vision statement is to enrich lives by producing discernable value which exceeds investment and to become the most utilized technology company in Northeast Pennsylvania.

We focus our efforts in the following ways in order to always guide us towards our vision and mission:

  1. To use the best technology in the industry in a managed and governed process so that we can solve the needs and eliminate problems for our clients and ourselves.
  2. To communicate and act in a way that builds trust, respect, and a better understanding between each other and our clients.
  3. To efficiently handle multiple projects in a manner that creates company profit for the team and future company growth while always providing equitable value to clients we serve.
  4. Always be cognizant of the needs and concerns of all people throughout our dealings.
  5. Create and cultivate an enjoyable, creative, and inspirational atmosphere. Create plans of action that govern our processes as a whole unit and not as separate islands.
  6. To care.

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