2 months ago
Microsoft says it detected active attacks leveraging Zerologon vulnerability | ZDNet

Has your company taken the required steps to protect against this very serious vulnerability?

If not, Ethixa can help!

Zerologon patching window is slowly closing as Microsoft warns of attacks in the wild.

3 months ago

Contact Ethixa for help in establishing password guidelines and improving your network security.

7 months ago
Zoom security: Your meetings will be safe and secure if you do these 10 things | ZDNet

Are you zooming? Be safe and protect yourself!

Is Zoom video conferencing safe to use or isn't it? That all depends on how well you follow these best practices.

8 months ago
Windows 10 alert: Zoom client can leak your network login credentials | ZDNet

Be careful about the security implications of working from home...

Users of the Zoom Windows client's chat feature need to be cautious about clicking on links.

8 months ago
Working from home? Switch off Amazon's Alexa (say lawyers) | ZDNet

Who is listening as you work from home?

One of the byproducts of doing all your work from home is that you might be discussing confidential matters. And who might overhear them? Well, there's your ... See more

8 months ago

We are surrounded by COVID-19 news and alerts and everyone is concerned about the impact it will have on our families and communities, both financially and ... See more

9 months ago
Almost 1 million Virgin Media records exposed on insecure database

What is your company's data exposure risk?

The data included email address, phone numbers and physical addresses, but no payment information or passwords, the company says.

9 months ago
One of Roman Abramovich's companies got hit by ransomware | ZDNet

How prepared are you for a malware attack?

Steel maker EVRAZ's North American operations are down after an infection with the Ryuk ransomware.

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