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2 months ago
2020 Ransomware Report Infgraphic

Employee education is the first line of defence against ransomware! Start educating your team around the importance of cybersecurity with this infographic to ... See more

IT professionals ranked ransomware as the top cybersecurity threat facing small businesses. Even one attack can cripple a small business.

2 months ago
Data from 500 million LinkedIn accounts put up for sale | WeLiveSecurity

Make sure your account information is safe. Change your passwords and don't share passwords between accounts.

An unidentified bad actor claims to have scraped data from 500 million LinkedIn accounts andis now offering the information for sale on the dark web.

2 months ago
Timeline Photos

70% of IT pros report ransomware as the most common malware threat to SMBs! What are you doing to protect your business? #ransomware #malware ... See more

2 months ago
Are You One of the 533M People Who Got Facebooked? – Krebs on Security

Who has your Facebook account info?

April 6, 2021 40 Comments Ne’er-do-wells leaked personal data — including phone numbers — for some 553 million Facebook users this week. Facebook says ... See more

2 months ago
The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce

Join us tomorrow for this webinar about the challenges of working from home.

You won't regret it!

Tomorrow! We tackle Solving the Challenges of Working From Home with Ethixa Solutions, LLC. Register now: http://ow.ly/kSeF50DJ3sz

3 months ago
The Greater Scranton Chamber of Commerce

On March 30, we will tackle Solving the Challenges of Working From Home with Ethixa Solutions, LLC. Register now: http://ow.ly/kSeF50DJ3sz

4 months ago
Cybersecurity for the Small Business and Remote Worker

Join the Wilkes SBDC and Kenn Anderson of Ethixa Solutions, LLC as we discuss the new security landscape, improving your cybersecurity against emerging ... See more

Small businesses are more likely than any other entity to fall victim to data breaches and cyber-attacks. These incidents often lead to financial loss, stolen ... See more

6 months ago
Microsoft, FireEye confirm SolarWinds supply chain attack | ZDNet

Hacks and vulnerabilities are becoming more common and sophisticated, just one reason that enlisting a good MSP like Ethixa that will have your back is so ... See more

Known victims so far include the US Treasury, the US NTIA, and FireEye itself.

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