Leadership Maintenance


Proactive maintenance and management.

Things break… a harsh reality that can’t be ignored. While Ethixa can respond to problems after they occur, we prefer to maintain and manage IT environments proactively in order to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Through our managed services program, the Watchman, we monitor systems and look for potential problems, allowing us to take corrective action before the issue become more serious. In addition to monitoring systems, we manage antivirus, Windows updates, licensing, and warranty status. We also provide a monthly report that summarizes the overall health of your IT environment, lists the activities taken to manage it, tickets opened, and an inventory of your supported hardware.

Your company’s IT environment is complex and requires time and expertise to properly manage and maintain. Rely on Ethixa’s expertise to take care of your IT, so that you can focus on your business

Leadership Maintenance

Proactive maintenance is an important component of the Watchman, Ethixa’s managed IT services program.

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