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Data Protection

Custom backup options designed for your business and budget.

While many companies focus on backup, Ethixa focuses on recovery. A backup isn’t any good if you can’t use it to restore what you need. Before implementing a backup program, Ethixa starts with a consultation that helps you evaluate what business processes are most important for you company. From there, we can recommend the best strategy for backing up each of your assets – one that will allow you to recover within your required time frame and budget.

Ethixa’s Backman program provides customizable backup options to fit a wide range of requirements and budgets. Our three varieties of Backman service: Endure, System Guard, and Data Guard are designed to meet varying backup needs and can be implemented in your environment to provide the protection that you need, ensuring that you can recover from a failure event.

DM_03242016_1199-scaled Data Protection

Ethixa’s Backman services are designed to offer custom levels of protection to safeguard your business.

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