Need to provide IT support for your
cyber-school students?

The unusual circumstances in the world today have required school districts to make major adjustments very rapidly and provide cyber-schooling for their students. Providing IT support for those students is very challenging and Ethixa can help!

Ethixa can help parents, students, and teachers:

  • Connect devices
  • Setup and optimize home internet connections
  • Configure security, Wi-Fi, and routers
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Make recommendations
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Need assistance in setting up
a cyber-school infrastructure?

Delivering a quality education to a distributed student body, using a distributed group of education professionals is a challenging task. Ethixa can help your school overcome the challenges involved so that you can focus on your students.

Ethixa will:

  • Review and optimize networks and systems
  • Identify and troubleshoot problems
  • Recommend solutions and improvements
  • Train administrators and teachers on using new technologies effectively and efficiently
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How does Ethixa help support students and teachers at home?

Ethixa improves the home school experience

  • Optimizing the learning environment and ergonomics; providing recommendations for screen placement, desks, and seating position.
  • Setup microphones, web cams, and headsets.
  • Setup collaboration and learning software (Google, Teams, Zoom, etc.)

Ethixa improves the network experience

  • Coordinate with internet providers to improve network performance.
  • Review and configure current in-place routers and firewalls.
  • Install new routers, firewalls, Wi-Fi networks.
  • Setup and configure services (Email, website logins, etc.).

Ethixa provides training

  • How to use internet services and devices.
  • How to use new technologies confidently and effectively.
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Ethixa helps provide your students and teachers with a pleasant, productive, and reliable learning environment.

Ethixa Makes it Easy!

    1. Give us a call or fill out the easy contact form.
    2. Choose from any number of the school IT support services we have listed above.
    3. If you’re not sure exactly what you need, we’ll custom tailor a support program to fit your specific needs.
    4. Ethixa will provide a fast quote based on services needed, and the number employees you need us to support.
    5. Turn around time to getting the support your needs could occur within the same week.

We’ll review the environment, provide recommendations, and complete the work to our exacting standards.

Call Ethixa today to setup
your home work force.

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    Our technicians are considerate, professional, and trustworthy. We care about health situation in the world today and have decided as a company to treat our customers as family and therefore, you can expect the following as we enter someone’s home:

      • Wear masks and gloves at all times
      • Maintain safe distances from people in the home
      • Sanitize surfaces in the work area before and after service has been provided
      • Wear shoe coverings to protect floors
      • Implement any additional measures required or requested by your company

    All Ethixa employees self report any symptoms daily.  Any employee reporting any potential symptoms of COVID19, tested or not, will not be dispatched to anyone’s home or place of business.

    Need help quickly? We are ready to respond today!

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