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At Ethixa Solutions, LLC, we have made it a top priority to implement a policy that addresses the safety and health of our staff, customers, and our loved ones. We have all seen the news reports of countries struggling to provide the health services needed to their citizens and we have an opportunity and an obligation today to do whatever is within reason to prevent the same situation here.

Remote Support

Ethixa’s primary support model is via remote services. We will continue to provide all remote support services with no current plans for interruption.

Regarding onsite visits

Our staff will exercise cautionary discretion in coordination with our clients when scheduling on-site visits. I strongly recommend postponing any scheduled on-site support work until the CDC and government agencies have declared the pandemic to be resolved. In the event that an on-site visit is necessary, we require our customers to provide a clean and disinfected pathway to the asset to be serviced and limited exposure to staff.

Any staff member who experiences symptoms or is aware of potential exposure is prohibited from traveling to a client site where they might infect others. Ethixa staff are encouraged to exercise the same caution in their private lives as well.

This is a time to be responsible citizens to each other and do what we can to avoid infection, and exercise extreme caution to minimize the likelihood of infecting others. Remember, a person can be infected approximately 14 days with no symptoms whatsoever. If our staff visits your site to provide service, it is important for everyone that they have the safest, cleanest environment.

 — Bryan Harvey, CEO


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