Backup Isn’t Enough…

Disaster-Recovery-Banner Business ContinuityBackup isn’t enough. Backup is important, but it is only one component of a business continuity plan.

Business continuity is all about keeping your company in business during minor glitches and even disastrous events. Ethixa has the knowledge, tools, and experience to guide you through selecting the business continuity components you need to develop a comprehensive business continuity plan that best meets your needs AND budget.

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What makes Ethixa different?

Starting point: most IT companies start the discussion by promoting what they can sell you. Ethixa starts by asking about your business. Our primary goal is to find out what you need and use that information to develop a plan specific to your needs and budget.

Toolbox: because Ethixa has a wide variety of services and tools available, we have the ability to design a comprehensive plan for you, rather than promote a specific tool or service.

Process Protection Focus: rather than simply backing up data, Ethixa focuses on identifying and protecting critical business processes effectively, efficiently, and affordably.

Disaster Preparedness Checklist

  1. Is the critical business data on your company’s computers backed up?
  2. Are the backups securely maintained off-site?
  3. Have the backups ever been tested for restorability?
  4. Does your business know how long a restore process takes?
  5. Can your business afford to be down while you wait to recover?
  6. Does your business have a plan to continue operating in the event of a disaster?
  7. Has your business identified the critical business processes and the resources that they rely on?
  8. Does your business have a plan in place for maintaining those process in the event of a failure or disaster?

If you answered “No” to any of the above questions, call Ethixa to discuss business continuity options.

If you answered “I don’t know” to any of the above questions, call Ethixa to discuss business continuity options.

If any of answers to the above questions made you uncomfortable, call Ethixa to discuss business continuity options.


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Considerations of Business Continuity Planning

Business continuity planning requires identifying, evaluation, and quantifying a number of key factors. A proper business continuity plan doesn’t start with a specific technology in mind. Instead, the goals and needs of the business must drive the development of the overall plan.

Ethixa's Modular Approach to Business Continuity

Disaster-Recovery-Banner Business Continuity

Every business owner would like to implement the best business continuity options available. While desireable, implementing premium business continuity options across-the-board is rarely achievable or adviseable due to the costs involved.

Ethixa has created a modular approach that allows our clients to select the most appropriate options for each business asset in order to create a customized business continuity plan that best meets our clients’ needs and fits their budget.

Ethixa’s custom pricing tool allows us to examine all of the options with our clients and review scenarios with them in on-the-fly.

Ethixa's Suite of Business Continuity Services

Disaster-Recovery-Banner Business Continuity

The Watchman

Pro-active Managed Services

Disaster-Recovery-Banner Business Continuity

The Backman

Data/Process Protection

Disaster-Recovery-Banner Business Continuity

The Shieldman

Managed Antivirus