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Ethixa Solutions is a full services IT company specializing in pro-active management and maintaining our clients’ business continuity through planning and technology implementation.

We also provide emergency IT support and computer repair, website design, application development, technology training, and media production services.

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IT Services

Ethixa offers a full suite of IT services designed to best meet our customer’s needs.

These services include:

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Media Services

Ethixa provides a variety of media services designed to highlight our customers’ abilities.

These services include:

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Managed IT Services

There’s only so much you can do over the phone with a tech support representative — especially if the problem turns out to be a hardware issue that isn’t covered by a warranty. And meanwhile, as you’re spending time on the phone trying one thing after another, you’re losing valuable time that you could be spending on more productive, profitable activities.

Ethixa’s computer repair services can help you get through — or even avoid — computer emergencies. We can perform emergency computer repairs, as well as computer maintenance to make those emergencies less likely to occur in the first place! And if you know your system has issues that need to be dealt with but haven’t had a related computer emergency yet, call us for a diagnosis and to schedule repairs so we can fix the problem before downtime even occurs.

Ethixa runs diagnostics to identify problems with your existing computer systems and correct them, whether they are found to be hardware or software issues. If possible, we will also recover whatever data was lost due to a system failure. Our computer repair and data recovery experts will let you know why the problem happened and what can be done about it so you can take action to get back to normal operations.

For emergency computer repair, scheduled repairs, computer maintenance or data recovery, call Ethixa Solutions first! We’re here to help minimize your downtime and get your systems up and running again as quickly as possible.