Ethixa offers a full range of media production services including logo design, brochures, business cards, audio, video. We specialize in creating media personally tailored to to you and your business. Our creativity, skill set, and tools allow us to create videos that highlight your business in a way that captures its personality, passion, and benefits. We produce everything in-house, without outsourcing.

Video Pricing (priced per finished minute)
Video Style Description Price
Presentation Video Present your product or service to your potential customers in a way that conveys your passion and personality. $375
Interview Video An interview style presentation. Includes a professional interviewer. $500
Product Video Make your product or service the hero with video and graphics. No people required. $425
Custom Video A custom solution developed specifically to meet your particular needs. TBD
  All videos include on-location setup and shooting as well as standard editing, titling, and delivery of the completed video as a digital file. Listed prices are for a single camera. Add-on pricing can be found below.

An additional setup fee of $250 is required for each video shoot.

Add-on Pricing (priced per finished minute)
Add-on Description Price
Additional Cameras Additional cameras allow for more camera angles and improve most videos. $150 per camera
Green Screen Shooting on a green screen allows for background replacement and may be required for some special effects. $250
Advanced Motion Graphics Add moving graphical elements and enhanced titling to your video for increased impact and improved communication. Includes enhanced cuts and customized logo treatments. $150
Special Effects Choose from a wide-range of special effects or consult with us about a custom solution. Some examples include: cloning, flame effects, explosions, virtual object interactions, etc. TBD

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