Business Continuity Services

Preventing failure and being able to maintain your business' operational capabilities even when disaster strikes requires maintenance, planning, and expertise. Ethixa's full suite of business continuity offerings cover all of the bases and provide flexible support options for almost any budget.


Emergency Support

My server is down and
I don't know what to do!!

We've got your back! And your servers' too! Ethixa is ready to jump in and support your environment within minutes of our first encounter. We know that sometimes we need to be called in for an emergency repair. Call us and we'll be there. We can correct issues in new environments and help get things running smoothly again.

Standard Support

If you prefer to take care of most you IT support needs on your own and just need a bit of additional help, or if you prefer to request support only when a particular need arises, Ethixa's expert staff are ready to jump and meet your needs. Give us a call and we'll be there.

Website Services

Website Services

Ethixa Solutions offers custom websites that are affordable, appealing, dynamic, as well as editable by our customers.

  • Custom - Every website is custom built around the needs of our customers following in-depth consultation.
  • Mobile-ready - Ethixa employs a framework that automatically adjusts content for display on a full range of devices, including tablets and phones.
  • Modern - The open source DotNetNuke framework that we utilize provides an advanced feature set and our site designers and graphic artists stay current with all of the latest design trends.
  • Easily Edited - Our design process allows our customers full control over the content and updates to their websites from any web browser... no additional software required!

Application Development

Organizations rely on software. Often, they are forced to work around the limitations of the software they are using. Ethixa has a staff of software developers that help organizations increase productivity, collaboration and employee satisfaction by designing flexible custom software solutions.

Using the proven, industry accepted Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF)® Agile software methodology, Ethixa develops an iterative solution path that solves the highest priority problems first. This allows our clients to gain immediate benefit from the solution - while enabling them to leverage the foundation of the software to address additional requirements in a "value-up" approach.


At the end of the day, it is your people that make things work for your business.  Sure, Ethixa can make your systems work the way  they should.  We can reduce downtime, improve performance, as well as develop the best workflow and data solutions. Perhaps, more importantly, we can also train your staff.  We value this critical aspect of IT services in many ways such as:

  1. Improving your employees efficiency (i.e. improving MS Office usage)
  2. Educating your staff to reduce virus and malware (i.e. how best to surf and safely use sites like Facebook and YouTube)
  3. How to get most out of the computer hardware and software they use every day.

Ethixa is staffed with Microsoft Certified Trainers who have a diverse, knowledgeable, and experienced background in developing and delivering training programs at all levels.

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