Backman - Intelligent Business Continuity

Backman Endure - Intelligent Business Continuity

Core Features:

  • Business process continuity focused
  • Image-based backups of entire systems
  • Dedicated backup appliance
  • Off-site backup replication
  • One year data retention
  • Backup activity monitoring
  • Test and verification of every backup
  • Virtualized standby for rapid recovery and business continuity

Available Add-on Features:

  • Unlimited data retention
  • Daily backup screenshot verifications
  • Daily application test screenshot verification

Process Recovery Focus: our primary focus is on maintaining your business’ operational capabilities, even in the event of a system failure or disaster. As part of implementing the Backman service, we begin with a consultation that helps you evaluate what business processes are most important and we develop a recovery plan so that everything is ready long before there is any type of emergency.

Complete backups: image-based backups that take snapshots of entire systems, not just the data, simplifying and accelerating the recovery process. When a restore is required, everything is restored - operating systems, applications, files, and user settings.

Frequent backups: we take snapshots every hour. This allows us to restore data and business processes to almost any desired point in time. In the event of a failure or disaster, even recently modified data is still available.

Standby systems: the backup appliance that manages the backups also functions as a host system for emergency recoveries. Any systems designated as business critical are configured for standby status, allowing for near immediate system recovery.

Off-site Replication: in the event of a disaster, having locally stored backups isn’t enough. The Backman provides automated, frequent off-site replication to maintain complete copies in a secure location.

Disaster Recovery: should an on-site catastrophe destroy the on-site IT infrastructure, the offsite backups can be virtualized in the secure cloud and operations can be run from the cloud until the on-site environment is operational.

How does it work?

Setup and Backup Process

  1. Ethixa provides a professional consultation to identify the critical data and business processes that are important to your company.
  2. Ethixa orders, installs, and configures a specialized backup appliance that stores, protects, and manages your backup images in addition to facilitating backup replication and providing local virtual system virtualization for disaster recovery and business continuity.
  3. Ethixa remotely monitors and manages backups and backup replication. Each backup is verified and virtualized for near-immediate recovery capability.

Service Restoration (Achieving Business Continuity)

  • File and Folder Restores - Ethixa restores files and folders upon request. Included with monthly service.
  • System Restores - In the event of a system failure, Ethixa will quickly restore business operations through local backup virtualization until the failed system can be recovered. Billed at Ethixa standard rates.
  • Site Restores - In the event of a widespread or site failure, Ethixa will maintain critical business operations via cloud virtualization of replicated systems until a local site can be brought back online. Billed at Ethixa standard rates.

Backman System Guard/Data Guard

System Guard Features:

  • System continuity focused
  • Image-based backups of entire systems
  • Off-site backup replication

Data Guard Features:

  • Data continuity focused
  • File-based backups of selected information
  • Off-site backup replication

In addition to the full-featured Backman Endure, Ethixa offers other options for systems that don't require the rapid recovery and standby hardware that the Backman Endure program offers. The Backman System Guard backs up entire systems while the Backman Data Guard backups only data selected for protection. Both services offer offsite data replication.

Backman System Guard

Backman System Guard is designed to protect systems that run mission critical and other important applications. Image-based backups that are replicated to a secure off-site datacenter provide the capability of restoring an entire system - including the operating system, applications, and settings.

Backman Data Guard

Backman Data Guard is designed to backup and protect your important information. Files, folders, and other selected data locations can be safeguarded. Backups are replicated to a secure off-site datacenter to further protect your information in case of a large-scale catastrophe.

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