Our Mission

Service... with attitude!

Ethixa's positive, confident and friendly attitude is immediately evident in all we do. We exhibit an energy and a passion to detect and solve problems which builds our confidence and ability to deliver the best service you have ever experienced. Regardless of the service you get from us, our attitude is the most outrageously cool attitude you could ever want in a vendor!

Our Facebook

...to make everyone happy with our solutions.

Our mission "to make everyone happy with our solutions" is tied directly to the unique method we use to measure our success.

We use many indicators to measure the success of our projects such as ROI, deployment schedules, budgets, etc. But most importantly, throughout the project and upon completion we evaluate your happiness.

The process of evaluating happiness levels as an indicator of success is really quite simple -- We ask the customer.

Some of our customers have commented on the unusual question "Are you happy?" that is on our client satisfaction forms. It causes them to think about the project... from start to finish. This simple question has become a key factor in our measurement of success because it covers all the bases - from the client meetings, the documentation, the deployment, the budget... everything.

We do whatever we can to ensure that the clients we serve have an enjoyable experience and a happy end result. When that happens, we get to share in that experience with you. It encourages and motivates us to continue to delve into the latest technologies, cultivate our relationships, and to ultimately look forward to the next success.

Our success is measured by happiness. Your project can be our next happy ending.