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Don't Be Held Hostage by Ransomware

Simple steps to protect yourself from modern malware threats.

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Today’s technology landscape is beset with all sorts of dangers that users need to be wary of. Various viruses, worms, key loggers, and other malicious forms of software have plagued computer systems almost from the very advent of personal computing. In recent years, the threats have become increasingly more advanced and more prevalent. One of the more alarming trends is the development and increased appearance of a specific type of malware known as ransomware.

Guidelines for Wi-Fi Safety

Danger is in the air!

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One of the most amazing things about the world we live in is that free, wireless access to the internet is available almost everywhere. Free Wi-Fi is advertised by stores, hotels, coffee shops, restaurants… almost anyone looking to get you in their door and keep you happy. While having the ability to use the internet anywhere can be very advantageous, it can also be very risky and expose your information in ways you may not expect. Following these guidelines can help to protect you.

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